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  • Taiwan Memories Scent NO.1 玉蘭皂Taiwan Memories Scent NO.2 花露皂Taiwan Memories Scent NO.3 爽身皂 
  • Green Tea Soap 綠茶皂Tea Plant Seed Soap 茶樹皂Mugwort & Citronella Soap 艾草香茅皂Fresh Citrus Soap 清新柑橘皂 
  • Wine Polyphenolic Soap 葡萄酒粕皂 
  • Shortleaf Pine Soap 五葉松皂Soothing Soap 茉草皂 
  • Honey Milk Soap 蜂蜜牛奶皂Sandalwood & Agarwood Soap 高山皂Flowers Soap 御用皂Lavender Soap 薰衣草皂 
  • Taiwan Cypress & Herbs Soap 檜木百草皂Pearl & Sweet Osmanthus Soap 珍珠桂花皂Manyflower Glorybower Soap 大菁皂Orchid Soap 蘭花皂 
  • Lucky Pet Soap 興旺寵物皂 
  • Pure Green Tea Hand Washing Soap 純綠茶洗手串Pure Tea Plant Seed Hand Washing Soap 純茶樹洗手串Pure Bamboo Ash Hand Washing Soap 純竹炭洗手串 
  • Pure Clean Soap Set 好字祖 
  • Pure Clean Green Tea Soap Set 純淨綠茶皂組Pure Clean Tea Plant Seed Soap Set 純淨茶樹皂組Pure Clean Bamboo Ash Soap Set 純淨竹炭皂組 
  • FLOAT 浮水皂 NT$80/1pcFLOAT 浮水皂 NT$400/6pcsLaundry Soap 衣物皂 NT$200/1.34kg