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Cherry Blossom soap

Cherry Blossom Soap

All skin types

The day is gently sinking to a close
Say thanks to yourself
Only you know if you are well or not
It doesn’t matter if not as tomorrow will be a new day
Just like the cherry blossoms that will bloom again in the next year after falling

With extract of cherry blossom as the base, the soap can repair your skin and improve its brightness so that your skin will be tender, white, moist and bright. The light elegant fragrance can make you relax.

Cherry blossom extract, Red clay powder, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soda crystal, Water
Face cleaning, bath and skin cleaning
How to use:
Foam by adding water to the palms and then clean the whole body
Store indoors away from sunlight and avoid direct sunshine
three years
Made in Taiwan
Package material:
Paper / Plastic bag
Good quality soaps made from natural plants with variations in shape, color and odor
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