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Taiwan Memories Scent NO.1

All skin types 

Wearing a bamboo hat,
Having a lot of traffic passing through,
Selling the stringed magnolia soap,
It’s mercy or more thoughtfulness,
These are the strings of the hospitality of the Taiwanese.

Magnolia powder, Magnolia essence oil , Magnolia pure extract, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Soda crystal, Water
Face cleaning, bath and skin cleaning
How to use:
Foam by adding water to the palms and then clean the whole body
Store indoors away from sunlight and avoid direct sunshine
three years

Made in Taiwan
Pack size:
Length 9 x width 6 x height 3.5 cm
Package material:
Paper / Plastic bag
Good quality soaps made from natural plants with variations in shape, color and odor
*Product pictures may be different due to the color of the screen or the monitor. Please reference the actual product color.


Series concept
Odor is a kind of olfactory memory. The delicately fragrance from magnolia flowers that great-grandmother put in her pocket, the sweetly fragrance of the Taiwanese version of Cologne Water that grandmother sprayed in the room, and the aromatic of baby powder that mother sprayed on the body of kid brother after a bath. All the fragrances may have been blurred, but the memories are always there.

A simple soap but not a simple thought,
It’s been a long time, what does soap remind you of?
We think, to own the uniqueness proved by our solid techniques and skills;
We think, to introduce ourselves with the local features;
We think, to care our skin by adding the natural ingredients.
This time, we try to connect you and me with the memories and love of aroma.
The unique Tea Soap marketing technology; exploring the treasure of time and the aroma of memories.
We have strong sentimental feelings belonging to Taiwan reflected on our simple, square soaps,
To make every bath uniquely enjoyable.