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All skin types / Fresh / Night use

Clean, the meaning of washing off dirt;“Jay” means to cut the mixed strings off the silk products. The font design is composed of solid and sharp writing strokes and the Chinese character of the “moon”. Overall, this symbolizes cleaning at night to wash off the dirt from the whole body after a long day.

Grape seed oil, Sunflower seed oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soda crystals, Water *odorless
Face cleaning, bath and skin cleaning
How to use:
Foam by adding water to the palms and then clean the whole body
Store indoors away from sunlight and avoid direct sunshine
three years

Made in Taiwan
Pack size:
Length 9 x width 6 x height 3.5 cm
Package material:
Paper / Plastic bag
Good quality soaps made from natural plants with variations in shape, color and odor
*Product pictures may be different due to the color of the screen or the monitor. Please reference the actual product color.


Series concept
Starting from clear origins and clean flows to return to the essence, beginning with the purest start, (Back to the very beginning of clear flow originated from and back to the pure essence,) we make soap from oils extracted from carefully selected plants in golden ratios. The natural feel and simple and gentle fragrance of the soap will clean your skin with its delicate foam. People like you who love purity will glow after using this soap.