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Flowers Soap

Dry and Sensitive skin

Multiple flowers combine to equip this soap with vitamins and skincare elements, rose contains moisture factors and can be completely absorbed by the skin and preserve water so it can both clean and care for the skin at the same time. It allows the skin to easily absorb nutrients and to be nourished without tightness or dryness. It’s gentle and harmless to keep the oil balanced with a light fragrance of flowers to comfort your body and soul. It’s perfect for dark skin and people who frequently need make up, in addition to people with dry and sensitive skin.

Jasmine, Rose , Lavender, Leguminosae, Seremban, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Soda crystal, Water
Face cleaning, bath and skin cleaning
How to use:
Foam by adding water to the palms and then clean the whole body
Store indoors away from sunlight and avoid direct sunshine
three years

Made in Taiwan
Pack size:
Length 9 x width 6 x height 3.5 cm
Package material:
Paper / Plastic bag
Good quality soaps made from natural plants with variations in shape, color and odor
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